"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice
everywhere... Whatever affects one directly
affects all indirectly."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Who We Are

A group of motivated youth formed LUYODEFO out of a deep aspiration to respond to the plight of the Ugandan people.


What We Do

LUYODEFO is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that provides support to marginalized communities.

Where We Are

We serve people and communities across the Rwenzori region of western Uganda with the help of volunteers all over the world.

Why We Do It

By empowering young people and women to build communities, we will create long-lasting change through generations.

Our Causes

Health Projects

Preventable and treatable diseases present an enormous health burden f...

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Community Projects

LUYODEFO is working to develop community driven, sustainable responses...

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Education Projects

The government provides free education under its Universal Primary Edu...

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Donate Today!

LUYODEFO relies exclusively on grants, donations, and services from organizations and individuals.

Just The Facts


  • There are an estimated 5,500 AIDS deaths per day in Africa.
    (World Health Organization)
  • About 80% of illnesses in developing countries are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions. (Uganda Demographic and Health Survey)
  • In Uganda, 54% of households travel 30 minutes or more to fetch their drinking water, 17% in urban areas and 62% in rural areas.
    (Uganda Demographic and Health Survey)


  • Nearly 1 in 5 girls who enrolls in primary school does not complete her primary education.
  • One in ten school-aged African girls either skips school during menstruation or drops out entirely because of lack of hygiene solutions.
  • Educated women decide to have a skilled health worker present at their delivery 84% of the time, which translates to a higher chance of survival for mother and baby.


  • Use of traditional fuels is a leading cause of global warming. Each liter of kerosene burnt produces 2.6kg of carbon dioxide which contributes 22 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually. (World Health Organization)
  • Nearly 4 million women suffer from severe burns due to open fire and kerosene: similar to the number who are diagnosed with AIDS each year. (World Health Organization)
  • In low and middle income countries, burns cause over 300,000 deaths annually. (World Health Organization)


  • About 2,000 children in Sub-Saharan Africa die each day from malaria. (World Health Organization)
  • That is almost one death every 45 seconds. (globalissues.org)
  • 700,000 Africans die each year from waterborne diseases – 90% are children under five years old. (World Health Organization)
  • An estimated 529,000 women die annually from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth, leaving behind children who are more likely to die because they are motherless. (World Health Organization)
  • Fifty percent of pregnant women in developing countries lack proper maternal care, resulting in over 300,000 maternal deaths annually. (thp.org)