Community Projects

LUYODEFO is working to develop community driven, sustainable responses that address the three pillars of food security: food availability, food access, and food utilization. The efforts also contribute to the national development goals and MDGs.

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Quality education is virtually inaccessible to the poor of this region.  A free school to OVC and an affordable, quality school to the community would initiate a profound change to the impoverished, ultimately catalyzing lasting benefit for generations to come. The school would provide access to quality education, library in impoverished areas, and creating new employment opportunities. This will contribute to an improvement in the over-all well-being of the community, providing hope for a better tomorrow.

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We offer revolving micro-loans to supplement the savings and lending activities of village groups (women and youth) who are not able to access financial services, and promote savings clubs among school children.

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LUYODEFO believes that by bringing together individuals and communities, it bridges cultural and ethnic divides, as well as have an impact on public policy through the promotion of young people’s rights of participation, play, socialization etc at sports events.