Education Projects

Education Support Project

The government provides free education under its Universal Primary Education (UPE) and Universal Secondary Education (USE) programs, but the poor still have trouble accessing quality education. Education is critical in eradicating poverty, so without educated young people, the communities will become poorer. Each additional year of educational attainment can reduce the risk of HIV infection and delay a woman’s first pregnancy. Educated women decide to have a skilled health worker present at their delivery 84% of the time, which translates to a higher chance of survival for mother and baby.

Luhwahwa Education Support Project

OVCs with school supplies during a distribution action.

Without quality education, Uganda is unlikely to achieve Education for All (EFA) goals, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the National Development Goals.

The Schools Twining and Pen-Pal Project

This project makes it possible for peers in developed countries to reach into the hearts, villages, and communities of some of the most disadvantaged children living in Kasese, Uganda.

By establishing links between schools, we encourage schoolchildren in Kasese to build relationships ‘half-way globally’ while improving the learning environment to help these children develop into global citizens. This offers a unique opportunity for children and their schools to learn about each others’ culture, living environments, hobbies, and interests, while creating global peace and harmony.

LUYODEFO schoolchildren

Young schoolchildren in their classroom with school supplies.

We are promoting global understanding of cross-cultural issues among students, teachers, and parents, and giving hope and a brighter future to students from poor communities.

Our Approach

To contribute to the National Development Goals and MDGs, LUYODEFO is focusing on the following cross-cutting interventions:

  • teach parents the importance of sending their children to school and how they can ensure that their children stay in and complete school; educate parents about income-generating activities to support the education of their children.
  • support under-served children with scholastic materials, and explore options to run sponsorship program.
  • provide menstrual kits, health/hygiene education, and counseling to school-aged girls so that they do not skip schooling during their periods.
  • work towards improving sanitation facilities (toilets, girls wash/change rooms, etc.) in schools to create good learning environments, especially for girls.
  • run a library with ‘mobile libraries’ to give children access to reading materials; set up reading clubs; and organize reading competitions.
  • support early childhood development (ECD) alongside adult education and afterschool classes; organize parent/teacher meetings and home visits to ensure joint responsibility of children’s education.
  • train parents, students, and school administrators about the importance of students’ savings bank accounts.
Luhwahwa Education Support Project

Community Meeting for OVC Program planning.

Our Approach

LUYODEFO will provide a communication hub for the project, be solely responsible for the implementation, and oversee projects under this partnership. The benefits of The School Twining and Pen-Pal Book Project include the following opportunities:

  • share information through letter-writing, arts, photos, video-taping, and other student-generated ideas. By writing about themselves, pen-pals in partner schools learn to better express who they are and what their aspirations are in life.
  • learn about each other’s lives, and experience ‘a true empowerment’ to help them express their own culture and absorb knowledge of their peers across the world, while also gaining valuable experience communicating and exchanging their opinions, skills, and potential.
  • promote exposure to alternative learning/teaching methods, aids, etc. by visiting and interacting with their peers at partner schools.
  • obtain or exchange books and supplies; assist in humanitarian relief efforts; stimulate sustainable growth; and secure the future of children in partner schools.
  • do regular and annual fundraising for projects in Uganda; receive fundraising certificates and details (narrative and photos/videos) showing how funds have been spent.
LUYODEFO OVCs with school supplies

OVCs with school supplies (books, pens, pencils) during a distribution action.

Our programs are designed to benefit young
people (especially orphans and vulnerable children)
and women (especially chronically ill patients).
We hope that by empowering young people
to build communities, we can create long-lasting
change through generations.